Bizzon... and hit the road!

A fast and handy solution for card handling and receipt issuing in your vehicle

Office on wheels

Your vehicle is your office - that's how it is in the taxi business. Your office is your business card and you will be remembered by it. So make sure you leave a good impression and give your customers what they want - and lately, they want to pay by card. That must come as no surprise, after all - who carries cash these days?

Shift to a higher gear

That's why Bizzon offers you an elegant card charging system that works on your existing Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, along with an excellent and simple register - replace your obsolete software or receipt block with a simpler, more versatile and faster system and start earning more instantly!

  • accept and charge cards and earn up to 65% more
  • flat-rate provision - 2.49% per transaction
  • professional and simple online register
  • full control of all vehicles in real time and on a single page with Bizzon analytical tools
  • print the receipts or issue them via e-mail or text messages
  • possibility of online booking and payment in advance
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