Bizzon for business on the go, out of office and in the field

A handy, mobile system that enables you to charge cards and issue receipts on the go

Business is wherever you take it

Your customers can't always come to you - sometimes, you simply have to take your business to them.

We hear you, Mr. plumber, electrician, tow truck mechanic... whatever your job is, if you do field work - we hear you. We understand that in your line of work, the customer doesn't always have cash ready at hand. And we understand that the last thing you want to drag along is a register, a monitor and a printer.

Everything you need fits in your pocket

That's why Bizzon offers a card charging solution that works on your existing Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, along with an excellent and simple register - from now on, all you need fits in your pocket.

  • accept and charge cards, wherever you are
  • flat-rate provision - 2.49% per transaction
  • professional and simple online register
  • a reliable replacement for large, bulky desktop systems, with a card reader and palm-sized printer
  • complete real-time business monitoring with advanced analytical tools
  • print the receipts or issue them via e-mail or text messages
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