A new, simpler and more affordable mobile payment system

What is Bizzon?

Bizzon is a logical step forward in the evolution of mobile registers. If we extend that comparison further, Bizzon is what inherits the world when the dinosaurs can no longer keep up with the changes.

What can I do with it?

Bizzon enables you to charge cash, debit or credit cards and to issue receipts using a simple app that works on your existing phone or tablet, anytime and anywhere. And that's it.

Who is Bizzon for? Is it for me?

Bizzon is designed to provide small businesses, merchants and service providers a fast, modern and truly simple mobile register system at an affordable price. If that sounds good to you - yep, it's for you.

Why is Bizzon better than other options?

Bizzon costs less and with small businesses, every coin counts. Besides, Bizzon brings true mobility to the world of POS payments because it integrates with your hardware - you already have everything you need and it all fits in your pocket.

Organize your items in an easy to use store

  • quickly edit and organize all of your products or services
  • place them in a neat and quick folder system
  • add and edit all other optional and useful information

Neat means fast!

Recognizable, fast and neat folder system that holds all your products and makes navigation easier. That way, you don't have to spend too much time on routine actions, which in turn means you'll have more time left for fun stuff!

At first glance

Organize your folders and products and improve them with photos, because they're worth a thousand words and because we humans are mostly visual creatures and we understand images faster than words.

See everything at once

Join all other useful information to your products, such as price, amount, discount, tax class and similar stuff. Once you do that, important data will always be just one tap away - once again, you save time.

Charge card or cash on your smartphone

  • charge your service in cash or by debit or credit cards, wherever and whenever
  • Bizzon card reader connects to the smartphone or tablet you already own
  • no need for any additional hardware

The world pays with plastic

You know that many people today pay mostly with cards, and their number grows by the minute. Bizzon enables you to charge debit or credit cards with a card reader or through card number verification. OK, there were some solutions for mobile card handling before Bizzon, but only if you were ready to go along with complicated procedures, inefficient user interface and additional hardware. Well, now you no longer have to.

You already have the important bit

Use the Bizzon card reader with your existing smartphone or tablet, without any additional hardware or tech support - everything you need to start charging cards fits into your pocket so feel free to open shop wherever and whenever you like. Your business - your call, as it should be.

Please, sign here!

Even the little birds know that digital money handling is now every bit as safe and secure as the more traditional means of paying, but there is still some satisfaction in writing your name under the transaction, the old-fashioned way. With Bizzon, your customers will be able to do that. Of course, they will also be able to verify their transactions by entering their PIN, which is how most of us use our cards anyway.

Wrap it up and keep track

  • issue receipts via text messages or e-mail
  • print the receipts on a printer, if you prefer
  • keep track of your customers and your business

Paperless receipt!

To keep things clean, complete the transactions by issuing receipts via text messages or e-mail. Of course, you can also print them out but the nice thing is, you no longer have to.

Writing lasts longer than your memory

For improved workflow and for a job well done at the end of the day, keep track of your customers, transactions and business using a quick, easy to navigate directory.

Visualize your business and keep score

Bizzon dashboard utility is the place where all your data gets translated into a series of neat, clean graphs that help you visualize the progress of your business. So keep an eye on it, it's fun to watch the numbers grow!

Download Bizzon

Bizzon is available in the App Store and on Google Play.

Find out how Bizzon can improve your online sales!

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