What is omnichannel and why is it a must have?

The path to your customer is no longer a straight line.

Here's what a typical shopping experience looks like today:

Tom's backpack is busted and he needs a new one. He goes online and finds an awesome one in your web shop. But Tom wants to see it and try it out before he buys it. Tom is smart, be like Tom and all that.

Once he's there, he gives his card to your sales person, Judy. She instantly sees the contents of his shopping cart and shows him the actual backpack. Yup, Tom likes the backpack. Judy completes his online purchase for him and wraps it up.

Tom gets a 15% discount for his next purchase - happy birthday Tom! It will be stored with his card info and subtracted from the bill next time he shops at any of your points of sale, both online and offline.

Later on, Tom gets reminded about his 15% discount through targeted Facebook and Google ads.

This is shopping in the omnichannel age.

So you see, things have changed. Your customers' newly developed shopping habits blur the lines between your sales channels as they shift from mobile to online to brick'n'mortar stores and back again with ease. The customers expect to be able to buy an item online and pick it up in a physical store, or to try an item out in the store but complete the transaction online.

They want the retailers to learn from their previous purchases and they expect a personalized, flexible and consistent shopping experience on all points of purchase and across all channels. When a business and sales solution enables you to do all that, it is called an omnichannel solution.

Think about this:


90% of customers research items online before purchasing


60% of customers research items online while at the physical store


In the lasts 6 months, 66% of customers have made a purchase that involved multiple channels


73% of consumers prefer to do business with brands that use personal information and purchase history to tailor their shopping experience


84% of customers believe that retailers should be doing more to integrate their online and offline channels


98% of incremental sales after integration of both online and offline sales channels

These are the most common challenges for retailers caught in the omnichannel age:

You sell only online

For example, you have your own web shop on Shopify, you also sell on eBay and Amazon.

You sell only through a brick'n'mortar store

For example, you have a physical store and basic online presence, but no online sales channels.

You sell both online and in store but your channels are not synchronized

For example, you have dozen brick'n'mortar stores on high street and many separate online sales channels - your own web shop, you sell on Amazon, eBay and so on.

The solution:

A true omnichannel solution should be able to solve all those scenarios and enable you to:

Synchronize and coordinate all your sales channels from a single place

That means complete inventory, stock and catalog management, order tracking and synchronization across all your web shops, carts and marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay and more, and all your brick'n'mortar stores - all your sales channels united in a single cloud-based system and managed through a single interface.

Accept and charge credit cards or cash anywhere and anytime

That means online, on-the-go and in store credit card payment system with varied hardware-backed mobile and POS options.

Gather unified business data and mine insights from all your sales channels

That means a single comprehensive stream of information collected across all your online and offline sales channels, with tools that help you extract valuable business insights from your sales and revenue data.

Save time, reduce costs and earn more

That means no more individual and manual product catalog and stock management for all separate sales channels - all changes are instantly updated everywhere and everything is in sync all of the time.

Improve customer loyalty and returns

That means a solution that stores and synchronizes your customer's data such as shopping preferences, carts, previous purchases and credit card info, so that you can create a personalized loyalty program for each individual customer, across all channels.

So take these things into consideration when looking for an omnichannel solution, and you should start earning more soon!

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