A new, simpler and more affordable mobile payment system

I want my own web shop and I want to charge cards online!

Awesome! Get on it and we'll see you in about six months, when web designers, programmers, payment gateway systems and card issuers suck your wallet dry. Or...

I suspect Bizzon has a better solution?

Why, yes! Bizzon lets you open a secure and reliable web shop that accepts credit cards online - today! Even if you don't need a web shop, you will still be able to charge cards online.

That really works?

Not only does Bizzon work, it also gives you a fully featured register solution that works on your existing smartphone or tablet, no additional hardware necessary.

How about offline?

Bizzon offers full support on physical points of sale as well. You can choose only the register or card payment system, or you can choose both - whatever works for you.

Organize your items into a simple web store

  • quickly edit and organize all your products or services
  • add photos and any other info to your item description
  • charge securely, reliably and quickly

A tidy shop is an efficient shop

As soon as you add your products to the register, you have opened your web shop - it really is that simple. Add description, photos, price and whatever other info you require and organize your items into categories, so your customers can navigate easily.

Simple checkout

Anyone who has ever paid for anything online will instantly feel at home in our simple checkout interface that doesn't bother him with unnecessary requests. And if it's easy for your customers to pay, it will be easier for them to return!

Secure and reliable

We are proud to say that the Bizzon offline and online card charge system is certified to be compliant with all security requirements of major card issuers. In other words, no worry there.

Payable offers, for online sales even without a web shop

  • send your customer a digital offer that has it's own integrated checkout system
  • elegant, fast and immediate communication with the customer
  • a simple payment system for quick and easy transactions

Payable what?

Payable offers. Offers that pay well, in fact. Those are digital offers similar to invoices that contain its own checkout system - the customers see what you have to offer and if they like it, they are able to instantly pay by card. Quick and immediate - you see why they pay well.

No middleman

With Bizzon payable offers, the transaction between you and the customer cuts the middleman and that is why it's fast, simple and efficient. You don't even need to commit to a web shop.

What's the catch?

There is no catch. This system is so vastly simpler than previous solutions simply because it's new. Reliable implementation on a global scale has only recently been made possible, and were the first to do so in the region.

Wrap it up and keep track

  • issue receipts via text messages or e-mail
  • take care of your work and your customers
  • monitor your business growth with the Bizzon dashboard

Visualize your business and keep score

The Bizzon dashboard interface is a place where all your data gets translated into a series of neat, clean graphs that help you visualize the progress of your business. Use it, it's fun to watch the numbers grow!

Everything is faster online

From order to checkout to receipt, for a customer everything happens really fast and in a matter of clicks. We will give you tools that will enable you to monitor your business just as fast.

It's easy to grow

It's easy for your business to grow with Bizzon because with it, you can have place your web shop wherever you like. For example, set up a digital shop window of your store on your Facebook page, why not? Besides, it's easy to share and promote it, seeing that the entire shop can fit into a link.

Find out what Bizzon can do for your point of sale!

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