Bizzon - something nice for the beauty industry

Handy, modern and stylish credit card charging solution

Appearances matter

Let's not kid ourselves, appearances are important and first impressions are the ones that stick around longest. But hey, we're preaching to the choir - you people in the beauty industry know that better than anyone else. Your salon is an extension of your style because that's how your clients see it - each and every detail in your workspace is perceived as your own personal statement, and that's why everything must be just right. So we know how annoying it must be for you to use obsolete solutions that look like supermarket cash registers... from ten years ago.

An elegant solution

That's why Bizzon offers you an elegant card charging system that works on your existing Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, along with an excellent and simple register - no more desktop PC's, monitors, printers, keyboards, wires and cables - all you need is your pretty, elegant smartphone or tablet.

  • accept and charge cards and earn up to 65% more
  • flat-rate provision - 2.49% per transaction
  • professional, simple and elegant online register
  • a reliable replacement for bulky and downright ugly desktop systems, with a card reader and palm-sized printer
  • complete real-time business monitoring with advanced analytical tools
  • print the receipts or issue them via e-mail or text messages
  • a professional webshop
  • simple integration of your webshop with Facebook, Twitter or web page
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