Agroturizam Zlatovišće - OPG Ljubić
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Radovčići, Vinogradci 5 Gruda, Konavle, Dubrovnik Croatia


If you want to be close enough to see beauty and harmony of life with truly nature and enjoy in countryside the property ZLATOVIŠĆE are the right place for you.
Real atmosphere offers you a large stone house with traditional wine tasting tavern which has been built by our ancestors in 16th century. In it you can feel the past, altogether with the beautifully natural surroundings.
Property Zlatovisce is situated in the village Radovčići, 30 kilometres away from Dubrovnik and just 7 kilometres away from the airport Čilipi. That little place is a pearl of Konavle, and a real heaven to rest in a green vegetation and hospitality of inhabitants.
Old stone houses, narrow streets in between them, mediterranean vegetation of grape-vine, olive and fig trees, cypress and pine will leave you in admiration. In our village you can observe and take part in our customs, seasonal activities and everyday life.
A rocky beach which offers you a special charm is situated 800 metres away from the house. That's the place where the crystal clear sea blending with nature and you can enjoy the peace unlike the city beaches. Also a little bit further, around 3 kilometres from the house, there is beautiful sandy beach with its special location declared as one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

Radovčići, Vinogradci 5
Gruda, Konavle, Dubrovnik